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IT and Visitor Management

How can efficient, seamless visitor management help IT professionals?

Businesses had a matter of weeks to deal with the impending Covid-19 pandemic. This led to a lot of challenges for IT departments when the UK was instructed to go into lockdown in March 2020. Learn more through our blogs, case studies and videos...

Connectivity outside of the office

IT departments had little time to prepare for a wide scale company home working initiative. As such, many departments experienced problems with:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Communication tools
  • Huge problems for businesses not cloud-based

Supporting end users

As one would expect with an immediate home working initiative, users experienced difficulties at home. This led to:

  • IT spending a lot of resource supporting employees to transition into WFH
  • Adapting processes to offer remote support to users
  • An increase of tickets to company service desks

Security risks

There were many security risks brought on by staff working at home, including:

  • Data wasn’t stored in the usual manner, leading to security issues
  • Companies became more susceptible to data attacks
  • Users started to set up their own communication tools without IT support
  • Zoom became a popular video conferencing tool, however, was not secure
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Key points for IT departments

Vendors can provide a seamless installation:

  • Vendor/Vpod install product – little impact on IT resource
  • Supports a safe return to the office
  • Custom integration API
  • Covid-secure – no need for IT to be involved in this process

Vgreet is secure:

  • Relogix data analytics 
  • Fully compliant to sector specific regulations and laws
  • Proxyclick integration has many external validations and certifications, including ISO 27001, Cloud Security Alliance, GDPR compliant
  • Proxyclick integration encrypts data in transit and rest
  • All data is hosted in Europe, following appropriate data laws
  • Meeting booking is done via Outlook – trusted brand
  • Doesn’t require installation of unsecure technology

Vendors encourage collaboration between Facilities and IT:

  • Vgreet combines technology with connected workplace
  • Custom analytics can support IT
  • Removes the need for IT to be involved in meeting room bookings
  • Desk booking and space control removes the need for IT involvement